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    Natalie Johnson Wolf

    What ingredients should I look for In baby sunscreen?

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    Oh boy, this is potentially a thorny one – we found a lot of anti-sunscreen articles doing our research on bug sprays:

    We’ll look more into this!

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    Lee Procida

    Re-posting this comment from Adriane Miliotis, which was lost when we transferred to a new server this week:

    “I’m still searching for that source, but did come upon this: both the AAP and the AAD revised their guidelines this year and are now saying “minimal” sunscreen under 6-months is ok.

    Minimize sunscreen use on children younger than 6 months old, but use it when needed. If shade and adequate clothing are not available, parents and caretakers may apply a minimal amount of broad-spectrum, water-resistant sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 to their children’s skin. Sunscreens containing titanium dioxide or zinc oxide are less likely to irritate a baby’s sensitive skin. Remember to reapply your child’s sunscreen every two hours or immediately after swimming or sweating, as there is no such thing as “waterproof” sunscreen.

    Babies under 6 months: To prevent sunburn the AAP recommends that infants avoid sun exposure, and are dressed in lightweight long pants, long-sleeved shirts, and brimmed hats that shade the neck to prevent sunburn. However, when adequate clothing and shade are not available, parents can apply a minimal amount of sunscreen with at least 15 SPF (sun protection factor) to small areas, such as the infant’s face and the back of the hands. If an infant gets a sunburn, apply cool compresses to the affected area.

    Neither say WHY they revised their guidelines, although Babble states, “… in the past two years, the American Academy of Dermatology and the American Academy of Pediatrics have stated that since no evidence of harm was found from small amounts of sunscreen on babies’ skin…” ( There’s no citation though and I haven’t been able to find a direct source for this myself.

    Curious to see what you find!”

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    Lee Procida

    Hey all,

    Here’s our first crack at answering this question. We could definitely get more detailed with this one, but not sure if it’s necessary to get into all the complications and caveats. Let us know what you think and if you still have any big questions you think this needs to answer:

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