Safe products for newborns

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    Tara Silipena

    I would like to know what products have the safest ingredients for my newborn baby at bath time. Are there any brands I should stay away from that would be harmful for a newborn baby’s skin?

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    Thanks Tara! We’re looking into this. Our daughter was swallowing a good amount of soapy water recently so we were wondering this ourselves.

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    Lee Procida

    Alright, so this was harder to research than we thought it would be, but we think we have some answers.

    Apparently, a few years back, some of the most popular baby shampoos from major brands were found to have very low levels of formaldehyde in them. The biggest producer, Johnson & Johnson, pointed out that children would get more formaldehyde from eating an apple than a dozen bottles of shampoo, but they changed their ingredients anyway because of all the bad PR. Here are a couple articles we found about the change:

    Since then, we haven’t really seen much else about those brands or any others in terms of baby soap and shampoo safety. We did find this database of baby shampoos that are supposedly safer than others, but we aren’t sure yet that we can vouch for the legitimacy of it.

    We’re going to try to reach out to some experts and see if we can get a more definitive answer, but hopefully this is helpful to start!

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