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    Katie Beth

    Is there any real way to make a baby a better napper? Could a child just be an inherently bad napper?

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    Lee Procida

    Hey Katie,

    We’ve done some research on this and it seems like the clearest answer to at least your second question is that baby sleep habits are random, they change significantly over at least the first year, and total hours is really what’s most important.

    Here’s an interesting article that breaks down a number of sleep studies:

    And here’s just one of many articles that offers basic tips, but it’s hard to go wrong with an institution like the Mayo Clinic:

    We think the craziest thing about baby sleep is that pediatricians still haven’t truly settled the question about what’s the ideal amount of sleep. Seriously, two of the biggest authorities on this question just changed their guidelines in the past two years! Check out the latest recommendations here:

    We’ll keep doing research and let you know if we find anything else!

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