Is the flu vaccine safe during pregnancy?

Nov 1, 2017


There’s wide consensus among health authorities that when pregnant mothers get the flu vaccine it both reduces any harm from the mother getting flu and provides the child with immunity from the virus for several months after they’re born. The proven benefits of the vaccine far outweigh any speculative risks.

Why do so many other sources say flu vaccines are dangerous for pregnant women?

Because there is widespread misinformation about vaccines in general, and recent confusion about the flu vaccine in particular.

A study published in September 2017 found a potential link between the flu vaccine and early-term miscarriage, but even the authors said the results are inconclusive and the benefits still far outweigh any potential risk.

Other sources have sensationalized the health risks of different ingredients used in vaccines, such as preservatives to keep them from being contaminated, but these concerns are clearly contradicted by rigorous scientific evidence showing the safety of these ingredients.

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